When I was a freshman in college end up doing some classes on codeacademy and which I liked the most was Python. In collage we used Java and in my internship was C#, decided to put Python aside. Now I’m back because I’m doing a series of classes about Machine Learning, Data Science and because my brother gave me a book about Data Science with Python. Hence, nothing more and nothing less than start to study Python from zero until I know the minimum to get through fine. I will follow the 2019 Developer Roadmap to know what should I learn and use.

The intention of this series is to help others to learn Python, to help some friends of mine that want to learn how to code but don’t know where and how to start and to help me memorize and review some basic knowledge about programming.

I don’t know yet if I’m gonna do some projects in Python, but if some idea shows up I will embrace it.

The beginning

After reading this article from Luke Garrigan I saw some important points that will help you understand what is going on in your code and that will help you in the process. I wish that at the begging of college someone told me that, it would helped me a lot (I’ve suffered a lot in Algorithms 3 class Aka Alpro3). First I’m gonna approach how to execute python program in the command-line interface, how to debug, how to test and finally how to code the basics. Knowing the first 3, you will be fine with Python.

The environment that I’m using:

  • Visual Studio Code
  • Python Visual Studio Code
  • PyLint
  • Python 3.6+

In the following articles, I’m gonna explain more about some concepts and about the language.

If you have some suggestions or questions, feel free to make it.

That’s all folks.

Don’t forget to drink water and eat clean.